SCB Private Bank gathers the power of thinkers, national artists,
and leading artists To arrange the seminar for celebrating His Majesty the King

“Buddha-dhamma, Buddhist art for Thailand”

November 11th, 2009


SCB Private Bank arranged the 2nd seminar for celebrating His Majesty the King’s genius in the topic “Buddha-dhamma, Buddhist art for Thailand”.  Dr. Sumet Tantivejkul, the secretary of the Chaipattana Foundation, was a presiding person for inauguration. Wor Wudtichai Wachiramedhi, Emeritus Professor Prayad Pongdam, Dr.Thawan Duchanee, Mr. Chakrabhand Posayakrit, Mr. Chalermchai Kositpipat, and Mr. Vallabhis Sodprasert were in the seminar to share their experience and knowledge to customers and people. Mr. Sanya Kunakorn was a master of ceremonies. It was held at Mahisorn Hall, the Siam Commercial Bank, Head Office.


Khun Kanika Chaliapon, the managing director of the Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited says “The religion, art and culture are precious legacies of the nation. In order to preserve and pass them to later generations, the Siam Commercial Bank in coordination with other important organizations arranged projects and activities that are beneficial for taking care of the religion, art and culture continually. As for this activity, the bank arranged the project for celebrating His Majesty the King’s genius in the topic “Buddha-dhamma, Buddhist art for Thailand”. It was honoured by the thinking monk, and leading artists, who came to attend the seminar in order to promote Thai people to love and realise the value of being Thai, especially Buddhism, art and culture, which are the pillars for developing the country.”


This seminar brought the integral knowledge from mundane and dhamma world to apply with living or working happily and successfully. It is the power to strengthen yourself and the public. Each guest talked and shared their ideas in 3 topics; “Thai arts, Dhamma arts” by Emeritus Professor Prayad Pongdam and Dr. Thawan Duchanee, “Budhhist arts for revering Buddha” by Wor Wudtichai Wachiramedhi and Mr. Chalermchai Kositpipat, and “Holy Fine Arts” by Mr. Chakrabhand Posayakrit and Mr. Vallabhis Sodprasert.

It was the national important gathering of thinkers, and leading artists to raise awareness of the value of Buddhism and arts in order to live consciously, and to behave morally, which will bring peace to the society and the country.

In the event, souvenir booths from the leading artists were presented. Dr.Thawan Duchanee also presents his art souvenirs at his booth.


Photos of Dr. Thawan Duchanee’s souvenir booth.
Prints on linen, prints on cotton, Horse sketch print on t-shirt, and books contain A Collection of Dr.Thawan’s sketches

Photos of Dr.Thawan’s souvenir booth

A Collection of Dr.Thawan’s sketches and Horse sketch print on t-shirt corner

Photos of Dr.Thawan’s souvenir booth
T-shirt corner (front-back


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