:: The 9th Stucco Exhibition of Thailand in 2552::
At Baandam Museum, Nang Lae. 6 Nov 2009 - 13 Feb 2010
Sponsored by PTI Cement


Apart from the reputation of its beautiful decoration, stucco is also excellent in technique and creative materials.

The exhibition of all of the stucco that ordinary people and young people from all across the country has created and sent to the stucco competition of Thailand, which can help retaining valuable Thai sculpture, at Art Gallery, Thailand Museum on Jao Fa Road, Bangkok, that opened for all people to study and has a good look at, has recently come to an end. However, the awarded stucco will continue to be exhibited on tour in order to help retaining and giving a chance for people to study and have a look at this valuable stucco at
Chiang Rai.   

Professor Jirasak Somsong, head of the department of Thai sculpture at Poh Chang College, University of Technology Rachamongkon Rattanakosin, teaches that Stucco has identity and had been creating for a long time since in the past. It is the art for decorating religious places, demonstrating moral stories, and showing the culture of creating arts of Thai craftsmen.
 This competition had deep meaning to help retaining creating valuable sculpture. In addition, it gave new artists a chance to express their applied knowledge and skills to preserve arts together.

“Stucco appears in Thai sculpture in decorating patterns, decorating pictures, etc. This can be clearly seen in historic sites and temples. As I have said, stucco’s distinction is in both materials and craftsmen’s skills. For example, the colour of the stucco, which gives the soft impression, combines with patterns, makes the materials look soft, yet strong.”    

In every time the competition is held, every work has its distinction in expressing Thai traditional sculpture’s style. Moreover, there is stucco’s work in preserving the environment in young people. While all of the work is ready to show in provinces, the professor adds that from the past exhibition, every work has its own meaning to preserve, prolong, and improve the stucco. Additionally, apart from exhibiting at Art Gallery, Thailand Museum on Jao Fa Road, Bangkok, this stucco exhibition of Thailand is ready to be on tour at Ban Dam Nang Lae, Chaing Rai and it is opened for visit from now to February next year.

    Sparking their enthusiasm to study is to inspire their creativity, to prolong and to preserve this uniqueness of art.

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